Simplicity and the Seduction of Surf

“Come onnnnn” he taunted, looking out at the horizon.

“I’m getting cold” another joked, mockingly rubbing his arms over his wet suit.

As they longingly searched for wave formations, I looked perpendicularly across the lineup: a string of bobbing heads floating on surfboards. Continue reading


Truth At 36,000 Feet

The end of a flight is a personal reckoning.

Your internet purchase has timed out, the cabin is in a dark slumber, and the continuous engine roar has created a silent asylum for your thoughts. Continue reading

A Choice of City

Sure I could say New York is big, and crowded, and busy, and expensive.

I could talk about riding the subway, and how if you’re not quick enough to grab a seat someone else will swoop in and take it.

Or the way New Yorkers cross the street without breaking stride. Maneuvering through traffic, timing their passage perfectly, and gliding through the intersection just two steps ahead of oncoming cars.

But then I’d just be stating the obvious. Continue reading

Coming Home (Part 1): Discovering Half Of My Identity

Image 1

Christmas dance performance at the Croatian Cultural Center in Chicago

We were the only brown kids in the photo. Like the rhyme from Sesame Street, “one of these things is not like the others,” my sister and I looked similar to the other children on stage with our native dresses and braided hair, but at second glance the difference was hard to miss. What was also apparent was that we had no idea we looked like the wrong crayon in the box. The smiles we wore revealed the excitement we felt inside, unblemished by the understanding of race, and not yet familiar with the general appearance of a specific culture; complex concepts that came to light later in life. Continue reading